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2015 BOARD DUES REMINDER -  Members were sent an invoice via email in early October for their 2015 dues bill which is due January 1, 2015. If you didn't receive your bill or  misplaced it you should contact the Board office immediately at 860-482-9816.  Any member with dues not paid within thirty (30) days of the due date will be automatically suspended on February 1, 2015 and become subject to termination.  Designated REALTORS® will be assessed Non-Member Licensee fees for every terminated agent affiliated with their firm. 

Though our preferred method of payment is by electronic check through the Intuit Payment Network system, which may be accessed by clicking on the link located in the left hand bottom corner of the PDF invoice you received as an attachment to an email sent from Marilyn, should you prefer you may pay your invoice with Visa, MasterCard or electronic check online through the Ecommerce section of NAR’s website at click here

INSURANCE RED FLAGS - LUNCH N' LEARN - Founders Insurance Group, Inc. is presenting a Lunch N' Learn at no cost to members called Insurance Red Flags on January 21, 2015 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Board office. Attend this learn how to about things that make a house uninsurable, understanding replacement cost,  and ways to reduce your home owners insurance!  For more information, click here.

LEGISLATIVE NIGHT - Don't miss Legislative Night on Monday, January 26th at the Litchfield Inn.  This is your opportunity to meet and interact with your legislators.  If you don't know who your legislators are or what districts they are represent, then you may run a search based on your address by visiting

The following area Senators and Representatives have been invited to attend: Senators: Kevin Witkos; Clark Chapin; Rob Kane; Henri Martin and Representatives: Whitt Betts; Michelle Cook; Craig Miner; John Piscopo; Jay Case; William Simanski; Eric Berthel; Roberta Willis.

For more information or to register, click here.

FUTURE BOARD CLOSING DATES: December 24-26 in observance of Christmas; January 1-2, 2015 in observance of the New Year!  Should you need assistance please email Wishing all Happy and Safe holidays!

GET YOUR .REALTOR DOMAIN NOW: Why should you register for a .REALTOR domain?  The .REALTOR domain offers a clean slate of domain names to choose from, whereas most desirable .com domains are already taken.  This is your opportunity to claim the. REALTOR of your choice. Don't hesitate register today and select the .REALTOR domain you have always dreamed of before another member claims it!

.REALTOR domain purchases by U.S. members will include an optional free profile website from that will integrate a member's social media content, listings, and client recommendations - in one convenient location.

The .REALTOR domain positions REALTORS® with a competitive edge in the online real estate space by enabling the opportunity for future innovation, for example, a .REALTOR search engine, making it easier for consumers to locate REALTORS® and real estate services.  To find out more about the .realtor domain visit

FIELD GUIDES TO DRONES AND REAL ESTATE - Stay abreast of the legal status of using drones, and learn about drones' potential uses in the real estate industry.  Field Guide 12.19.14
NON DEDUCTIBLE BOARD DUES INFORMATION - As a reminder the portions of the 2014 REALTORS and non-member dues which are non deductible are as follows:

The non-deductable amount of CTR REALTOR Dues (and non-member sales assessments) is 33% of $165 ($55). The VOLUNTARY Issues Advocacy contribution is not deductable & separately stated on bills that have that option. The VOLUNTARY Gates Scholarship contribution is tax deductable. 

The nondeductible amount of NAR REALTOR Dues (and non-member sales assessments) is 42% of $120 ($50). The NAR Image Assessment fee of $35 is deductible.

2014 FEDERAL TAX RATES, PERSONAL EXEMPTIONS, AND STANDARD DEDUCTIONS - To learn about the tax rates and related numbers you will need to prepare you 2014 income tax return, which is due by April 15, 2014, click here. 12.19.14
PERSONAL FAX # - It was brought to our attention that the field for the personal fax number is not currently working in Martrix.  It is expected to be corrected around the holidays.  If you have a personal fax number that you want noted on your listings, please get us that number.  We will then enter it into your personal record. Once the fix has been implemented your personal fax will appear on your listings.

We want to thank all our members for their patience and understanding as we find these "glitches" and get them corrected.  You're the BEST!

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NEW CE SHOP CE COURSE -  The CE Shop now offers a new continuing education CE Course called Did you Serve?  Identifying Homebuying Advantages for Veterans course is now available in your course catalog!

ONLINE CE COURSES- LCBR is partnered with The CE Shop to provide CE training in an easy to use on-line format; you can access great online continuing education courses that are state approved and 100% accredited!  Additionally, once you complete the course you can access your certificate instantly and The CE Shop manages all reporting to the state.  As an ADDED BONUS: at checkout enter the promotional code CBU20 to receive 20% off your purchase when you enroll in any online CE course taken through our online course catalog! This promotion expires December 31, 2014.    You must use the following link to  register for these courses, click here to register. 

NAR WEEKLY REPORT - The following items were provided courtesy of the National Association of REALTORS® December 18, 2014 Weekly Report Email Newsletter. 

GSE'S Detail Low Down-Payment Program - On December 8, 2014, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac released details on new mortgage product offerings that will provide access to qualified borrowers able to put down at least 3%.  Read more...

Free NAR RESPA/TILA Webinar - On December 11, 2014 NAR held a webinar on changes to the Real Estate Settlement Procedures ACT (RESA)  and the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  Read more...

Add Profit to your Buyer System - Hear tips from Walter Sandord on converting more Internet buyer leads, adding value to buyers' experiences, and leveraging buyer activity into more listing opportunities in this audio recording from the 2014 REALTORS® Conference & Expo.  Read more...

Prices Rebound; Still Down from Peak:  The good news is that home prices are rebounding.  Read More...

PRINCIPALS & PRACTICES COURSES OFFERED -  The Greater Waterbury Board of REALTORS®, Inc. Institute for Real Estate offers a 60 hour Principles and Practices of Real Estate course to qualify students for real estate licensing.  Their P&P course is a continuous start program which allows new students to begin the course on any Tuesday (depending on availability). The class are held on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6 to 9 PM.  For more information, click here.

The Greater Bridgeport Board of REALTORS® offers a 60 hour Principles and Practices. For more information, click here. 09.09.14

REALTORS® INSURANCE MARKET PLACE - OPEN ENROLLMENT NOW AVAILABLE - Don't miss your opportunity to enroll in an affordable health care plan! Open enrollment for major medical health insurance plans that meet the mandates of the Affordable Care  Act began on November 15th for plan effective dates of January 1, 2015 and beyond.   REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace, a proud partner in the REALTOR® Benefits Program, is an exclusive online comparative shopping site, providing NAR members with full roster of insurance plans and products.  Site highlights include the private Members Health Insurance Exchange and access to complimentary consultative services from licensed benefit specialists.   11.26.14

REALTORS Insurance Marketplace
Open Enrollment Timeline
REALTORS Insurance Marketplace Overview 
9 Facts You Need to Know for a Successful Open Enrollment
About REALTORS Insurance Marketplace


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LCBR & TENANTTRACKS - Have you taken advantage of the agreement Litchfield County Board of REALTORS has with TenantTracks? They offer exclusive historical and up-to-date eviction data from all 15 Connecticut Courts covering Summary Process cases including Bantam Court. Other screening services typically provide eviction data from just the 6 major Housing Courts in Connecticut leaving owners at risk. All evictions in Litchfield County are conducted at the Bantam Courthouse and their eviction records are not online or part of a national database. Rental property owners are at risk of non-paying, disruptive and/or destructive tenants moving around unchecked if people are not screening renters through TenantTracks.

The cost of using TenantTracks is $59 per year for the account set up and compliance fee while each tenant screening report costs only $25. When applying for TenantTracks membership from now until November 30, 2014 enter LCBR in the Discount Code Field to receive your first report FREE, $25 savings.
Each screening report provides much better data in a comprehensive summary of the prospective tenant’s credit history, national and state eviction and criminal database records, terrorist watch list, civil court, small claims court and sex offender searches.  The report also includes a color-coded, summary page for quick interpretation of the results.  To apply for a membership or for more information about TenantTracks visit their website at

Recently TenantTracks has implemented a new screening algorithm that allows the user to search for known "Alias Names" and "Nicknames" against all our CT Civil, Eviction and Criminal databases. To learn more about this feature, click here.  11.04.14

REALTOR® SAFETY VIDEO - Learn about safety for REALTORS® in a video produced by Florida REALTORS® Safety Video  11.04.14

NAR's Safety Resources Page - For a compete list of safety resources provided by the National Association of REALTORS®, click here.

REALTOR® SAFETY WITH CLIENTS VIDEO - Watch this video for suggestions on steps you can take to stay safe with clients. 12.05.14

Creepy Phone Calls Put Mass. Agents on Edge - Police are warning real estate professionals in Massachusetts' South Coast region to be wary of suspicious phone calls. Read more...

Safety Tip #21 - Have your Excuse Ready - Part of being prepared to deal with a threatening situation is having “an out.” Prepare a scenario in advance so that you can leave—or you can encourage someone who makes you uncomfortable to leave. Examples: Your cell phone or pager went off and you have to call your office, you left some important information in your car, or another agent with buyers is on his way.  12.05.14



MAKE OUR MARKS REMARKABLE - Watch this video to learn why NAR protects the value of the REALTOR® Trademark.  Video


ELECTRONIC KEY BOXES - We now have the ability to provide our members electronic Keys and Boxes.   For information on obtaining an eKey which works on your smartphone, click here.