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When applying enter LCBR in the Discount Code Field to receive the rate of $59 for a TenantTracks membership.

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Habitat for Humanity Work Day: Habitat for Humanity is asking REALTORS® to volunteer on Saturday, May 6, 2017 at 9:00 AM.  Volunteers will assist with their newest project which is a build in Northwest CT.  Tools will be provided, however, if they prefer, volunteers may bring their own tools.
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May 3, 2017 Awards Night: Attend this year's Awards Night on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 to find out who will be REALTOR of the Year!!!  Will it be Jeff Geddes, Priscilla Pavel or David Sartirana???

The Awards Committee will also award the 2017 TJ Zappulla, REALTOR Scholarship Grant!

New member pins as well as those receiving anniversary pins will be announced!

And other Awards!!!  Register NOW!  The cost to attend is $30 per person!  

Many thanks to Northwest Community Bank for sponsoring Wine on the tables and  Hors D'oeuvres! CLICK HERE


The Bus will make two stops before arriving at Bushnell Park- It will start with pick up in Torrington then go to the Commuter Lot in Barkhamsted Route 44 Winchester Town Line and then to the Commuter lot off 1-84 Exit 37 Fienemann Rd.  Should you wish to be picked up at either of these locations, please inform the Board Office ASAP.  Register NOW,  Click HERE.


BROKER INVOLVEMENT PROGRAM: "The National Association of REALTORS® wants Broker Owners and their Managers to bring decision-making authority, strong leadership, and your agents' voices to Congress".- NAR


You may recall getting Calls for Action a few times this year, via email.  We hope that you responded. 

What NAR is finding, is that not many agents are responding to these VERY IMPORTANT Calls for Action.  With your participation in the Broker Involvement Program, which won’t require a ton of your time or any money, the Calls for Action will be sent by NAR, but will look as though they are coming from you when your agents get them.  It seems when the Broker sends it the agents pay attention and respond! Even if you don’t currently have any agents under you, please register!


CTR plans to increase their 2018 dues by $100 if at least one of two following benchmarks aren’t met in 2017 –at least 20% of CT REALTORS® responding to the first Call for Action sent out before August 2017 or least 1000 members at the REALTORS® Rally in May.  HOWEVER, if they raise the dues because these things are not met, anyone who responded to the Call for Action or attends the REALTORS® Rally will get some sort of a credit towards the $100 increase.
Here is a link with more information,
 CLICK HERE We truly hope you will register, please let us know when you do.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, or be sure visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.

The CE Shop Promo

NEW CE SHOP CE COURSE -  The CE Shop now offers a new continuing education CE Course called Did you Serve?  Identifying Home buying Advantages for Veterans course is now available in your course catalog!

ONLINE CE COURSES- LCBR is partnered with The CE Shop to provide CE training in an easy to use on-line format; you can access great online continuing education courses that are state approved and 100% accredited!  Additionally, once you complete the course you can access your certificate instantly and The CE Shop manages all reporting to the state.   You must use the following link to  register for these courses, click here to register. 

LCBR & TENANTTRACKS - Have you taken advantage of the agreement Litchfield County Board of REALTORS has with TenantTracks? They offer exclusive historical and up-to-date eviction data from all 15 Connecticut Courts covering Summary Process cases including Bantam Court. Other screening services typically provide eviction data from just the 6 major Housing Courts in Connecticut leaving owners at risk. All evictions in Litchfield County are conducted at the Bantam Courthouse and their eviction records are not online or part of a national database. Rental property owners are at risk of non-paying, disruptive and/or destructive tenants moving around unchecked if people are not screening renters through TenantTracks.

The cost of using TenantTracks is $59 per year for the account set up and compliance fee while each tenant screening report costs only $25.  When applying enter LCBR in the Discount Code Field to receive the rate of $59 for a TenantTracks membership.
Each screening report provides much better data in a comprehensive summary of the prospective tenant’s credit history, national and state eviction and criminal database records, terrorist watch list, civil court, small claims court and sex offender searches.  The report also includes a color-coded, summary page for quick interpretation of the results.  To apply for a membership or for more information about TenantTracks visit their website at

Recently TenantTracks has implemented a new screening algorithm that allows the user to search for known "Alias Names" and "Nicknames" against all our CT Civil, Eviction and Criminal databases. To learn more about this feature, click here.  11.04.14



MAKE OUR MARKS REMARKABLE - Watch this video to learn why NAR protects the value of the REALTOR® Trademark.  Video
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