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Litchfield County Board of REALTORS®, Inc.
75th Anniversary Celebration
November 30, 2009


Litchfield County Board of REALTORS®, Inc. proudly celebrated the 75th anniversary of our Board's charter on November 30, 2009, at  Cornucopia Banquet Hall, with over 200 members, past members and friends of the Board in attendance!

Several "trips" down memory lane were taken with the presentation of photos spanning many decades, a review of our past Presidents and REALTOR® of the Year recipients, fun facts about the year 1934, a short history of the evolution of NAR, LCBR, trivia questions pertaining to LCBR and the real estate industry and testimonials from former REALTOR® member Evelyn Lukes and former Real Estate Commissioner Larry Hannafin.

How it All Began
Facts About the Year 1934
LCBR Trivia Questions
I Remember When.....
Past Presidents List
® of the Year List
NAR Centennial Video

During the celebration Senator Kevin Witkos presented Litchfield County Board of REALTORS, Inc. with a Proclamation signed by Governor M. Jodi Rell proclaiming November 30, 2009 as Litchfield County Board of REALTORS Day and Mayor Ryan Bingham presented Litchfield County Board of REALTORS®, Inc with a Declaration, signed by Mayor Bingham, for our 75th Anniversary. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved in presenting these wonderful gestures; we are deeply honored to receive such recognition.

In celebration of our 75th Anniversary Dale Stinton the Executive Vice President of the National Association of REALTORS® graciously created a video congratulating our Board's milestone achievement; we truly appreciate NAR taking the time to recognize our Board and its members.  Please click play or the arrow to view the video.

NAR 75th Anniversary Video (QuickTime format)

During the celebration a letter from the Connecticut Association of REALTORS congratulating our Board was read to the audience. The Board appreciates CAR's recognition of our anniversary. Please click the link below to read the letter.

CAR Anniversary Letter

Many thanks to the following Ad Hoc Anniversary Committee members for attending countless committee meetings to coordinate the celebration of the success of our Board and all its members!

Ad Hoc Anniversary Committee
Ted Murphy, Chair
Maria Bonetti
Nadia Corvo
Evelyn Lukes
Margo Skaret
Debra Stewart
Amity Wolfe

The Board and all its members would like to thank the following sponsors for their kindness and generosity, without their support this wonderful celebration of our Board's history would not have been possible. 

Torrington Savings Bank
Hors d'oeuvres    
75th Anniversary Ice Sculpture
Door Prize - Epson Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier

James Dean of Cornucopia Banquet Hall
Red & White Wine on Tables

The Real Estate Book
Door Prizes ($300 Value)
Six Assorted Gift Baskets - One Holiday Wreath

E.J. Murphy Realty
$300 Contribution

The Connecticut Statewide MLS, Inc. (CTMLS)
$250 Contribution

Litchfield Bancorp
$250 Contribution

Herbst & Herbst, LLC
$250 Contribution

Litchfield Hills Sotheby's International Realty
$250 Contribution

Lowes - Torrington
Door Prize - $250 Lowes Gift Certificate

Northwest Community Bank
$100 Contribution

Thomaston Savings Bank
Door Prize - Wine Gift Basket

The Board greatly appreciates all of its members past and present without their involvement our Board would not have flourished over the past 75 years; we look forward to the next 75 years!

75th Anniversary  Cake
Ice Sculpture & Crudités
Donated by Torrington Savings Bank
L to R: James Dean, Joe Zoni
Torrington Savings Bank
L to R: Doreen Holtman, Melissa Krebbs, Jeff Geddes,
 Melissa Manolitsis, Diane Cerruto, Debra Maher,
Joel Ralph, Monica Tiso, Karen Lopardo
Table Decorations
Table Centerpiece - Created by Maria Bonetti
Door Prizes
Donated by The Real Estate Book
L to R: Sue Mckenna, Bernie Re, Brenda Davis, Ernie Re
L to R: Larry Hannifin, Chris Ashe, Joseph Mustich
"Angel" Table
L to R: Diane Woodruff, Linda Hull
L to R: Kim-Mai Mahon, Laurel Galloway,
Amity Wolfe, Sage Barrows, Kristen Girardin
L to R: Alan DiStasio, Deb Couillard,
Gina Sartirana, Dianne Woodruff
L to R: Bob Sullivan, Carl Gundlach, Judy Roller
L to R: Maria Bonetti, Delfina McKenna, Joe Cirillo
L to R: Debra Stewart, Nadia Corvo, Mara Bonetti
L to R: Johanna Stanko; Tom D'Amore;
David D'Amore, Sr.; Pat D'Amore
Representative Michelle Cook
L to R: Mary Clancey, Colleen Platt
L to R: Deb Couillard, Gina Sartirana,
Dianne Woodruff,  Kim D'Andrea
L to R: Janet Alexander, Jo Kelly Murphy, Ellen Waterhouse
L to R: Jeff Putnam, Gene Barbero,
Christina Niziolek, Christine Ritter
L to R: Dawn Truskauskas, Don Truskauskas, Linda Dupont,
Linda Bradshall, Joe Marcantonio,
Suzanne Nelson
L to R: Ileana Santore, Jennifer Ives-Groebl,
Tom Villanova, First Selectman Edmond Mone
L to R: First Selectman Edmond Mone, Jim Hiltz,
 Donna Molon, John Bowling
L to R: Larry Hannafin, Sally Hannafin
L to R: Joe Cirllio, Marie Sampieri, Anne Marcoux
L to R: Dan Grammatica, Barbara White, Barbara Ferrarotti
L to R: Kevin Nelson, Sue Holway, Gloria Hall
L to R: Stephen Drezen, Larry Rabago
L to R: Bernie Re, Matt DeRienzo
L to R: Joe Mustich, Priscilla Miller, Bonnie Bevans
L to R: Kevin & Peggy Fogarty, Janet Nelson, Cleve Fuessenich
Standing L to R: 
Catherine Baker, Thomas Attea, Judy Roller,
Gina Sartirana,  Malina McNamara, Russell Rhea,
Suzanne Nelson,
 Linda Emma, Jacquelyn Lynch
L to R: Ann Robustelli, Carol Buice, Nancy Riley (Potamitas)
Rick Murawski
L to R: Mo Hubert, Joe & Carol Pathe,
Evelyn Lukes, Cathy Susla
L to R: Mary Anne Sok, Sue McKenna
L to R: Lauren Smith, Steve Temkin,
Mary Anne Sok, Sue McKenna
L to R: Dale Savage, Mary Stevens,
James Steck, Esq., Bob Sullivan
L to R: Mary Campbell, Sue Vaill,
Mona Staaf-Hoffman
L to R: Marlene Parker, Linda Rinaldi, Sandra Becker
L to R: Linda Hull, Debra Stewart
L to R: Robin Leech, Sandra Preston,
Monica Baird, Linda Newton
L to R: Debbie Videtto, Nate Zimmerman, Lisa Knapp
L to R: Kim Brown, Peter Marchand, Lauren Smith
Standing: T J Zappulla
L to R: David D'Amore, Jr.; Terry Peck; Nadia Corvo
L to R: Ginger Dean, Marianne & Dick Ducci
L to R: Roberta Willis, Mark Macomber,
Bill Willis, Dianna Christinat, Laura Lemieux
L to R: Evelyn Barredo; Alice Staszowski; Sid Axelrod
L to R: Sid Axelrod, Evelyn Lukes, Cathy Susla
L to R: David Dean, Sid Axelrod, Evelyn Lukes
L to R: Sharon Hallock, Roselee Fanelli, Nick Fanelli
Salvation Army
L to R: Paul Stevens & Lt Alan Galentine
L to R: Maria Sacco, Thomas Attea, Stephen Drezen
L to R: T J Zappulla, Marion Zappulla
LCBR Staff
L to R: Sherylann Irving, Marilyn Relva-Papcun,
Bambi Goodenough